T-Shirt Kimono Pixel

45.00 "IVA inclusa"

Model T-Shirt Kimono
Colour Red with blue pixel
Light blue with white pixel

Made Completely Handmade and Handprinted
Textile Cotton,
Details Regular fit shirt with doubled neckline
Sensation Freshness and softness

Our T-shirts are printed and made by hand.
The design can show small differences from one shirt to the other and this creates their own peculiarity as objects of art.
The design is the product of researches, it comes from the main theme we use on most of the products.
Our main theme is the Italian actresses and actors from the 50s to the 80s.
The pictures are revised and graphically renewed; in this case, we used a part of an Italian actor’s face.
We print the T-shirt by hand with the screen-printing and stencil methods.

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